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Discussion in 'The Sacraments' started by Carmel333, Jun 10, 2023.

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    I've been crying quite a lot like this recently at mass overcome by the love of God. In my last confession I sobbed the whole way through the act of contrition. These things come upon me so spontaneously I haven't time to prepare and it's embarrassing lol
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    I too experience this lately. After what has seemed a dry time full of trials I recently went up to Holy Communion and on my return to my pew I filled with tears. Suddenly. Unprepared. Out of nowhere. It was the profound sense that Jesus was with me. Truly with me. A great gift.
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    A great Corpus Christi procession. Very blessed.
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    It's the Holy Spirit working in you!

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    I must say that we are experiencing a huge influx of Hispanics in our town. We have three new Priests, one from Nicarauga, one from Guatemala, and one from Peru. They take care of three parishes surrounding us. Many of the people cannot speak English and we have one Hispanic Mass every Sunday. They are reluctant to mingle with us probably because of the language barrier, but they are very devout Catholics. Much more than the regulars. If it was not for the Hispanic community our procession would have been very small. Our first stop was downtown on city hall surrounded by the occult shops that have sprung up in town. They sell ouija boards, talismans, crystals, pride flags etc. Also a large Masonic temple is right in the town circle. It was good to meet them head on with our procession. Second stop was the campus of Trine University at the building where the Catholic students meet. Third stop was outside the Church supported by the K of C and altar society. Each stop had an altar with many flowers, singing and praying before the Holy Eucharist. It was two and a half miles. I kept thinking Our Lady of Guadalupe has a hand in this, that the Hispanic Priests have arrived as missionary priests to re convert us! Three Hispanics played trumpets and sang along the way, it was awesome. Yes we stopped traffic and prople had to wait for us, but what a testimonial. The much needed rain held off until our last stop . Several of our choir members would not March. They objected strongly with arguments: what if someone shoots at us? What if kids use slingshots? What if cars honk horns and prople yell at us? I laughed and said if someone shoots me and I die I become a martyr and go straight to heaven .. .what could be better than that? Ha! But as it turned out, prople came out if their houses to watch, pulled out lawn chairs to watch and it seemed like the world did a big pause. I'm thinking next year's procession will be much bigger! Praise God!
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    So blessed.
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    Need to share this image - a picture that speaks 1000 words!
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