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    Awww not a dry eye in the house! Beautiful, the way it should be.:):)

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    Has anyone considered how much this sacrament relates to the Eucharist? The wedding banquet of the Lamb takes place in the full sacramental union of Christ with his church; the groom and the bride become one flesh; Eve, taken from Adam's rib, is refigured in the church, being born from the open side of Christ on the cross.
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    That's really interesting; I'd never made the connection before that the wound in Christ's side is related to marriage and the Church being the bride which came from it.
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    I also thought of the relationship of an indissoluble bond between a man and a woman as a symbol of Christ's promise that he would be with us (with the church) until the end of time. I think it can be comforting in these times of crisis. :)
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    I often spook my wife when I say things she is thinking of. She will say 'i was just about to say that' you read my mind and shake her head in amazement.

    I suppose after 35 years we are closer than ever and the two become one. Although Christ said there is no marriage in heaven I suspect spouses will be close together in heaven if they were close together on earth.

    And the day we both dread but sometimes joke about is who will leave for heaven first. The one left behind is the one to carry a true cross.
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    You describe perfectly the wonderful fruits of a good marriage.
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    how wonderful to read all this today seeing its the anniversary of the day I met my wife in Mt Melleray :love:
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    Great background Sacred music when on the NET: leads to worshipful silence in one's heart! At utube, the first post lists the name/source of each chant!

    Lord Jesus Christ, Son of the Living God, have mercy on me a sinner!
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