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An account with Wells Fargo #1553349323 sponsored by the Ukrainian Congress Committee of America, Inc. (UCCA) has been set up for donations on behalf of the wounded, maimed, and deceased heroes of the Maidan protests in Kyiv, Ukraine.

Please check the story on ABC regarding UFA’s involvment in the treatment of EuroMaidan victims.

One of UFA’s sponsored patients in Philadelphia.

Click on the link below and make a donation
Help EuroMaidan Victims in Ukraine

Dear friends:

The Ukrainian Congress Committee of America – Georgia Branch (UCCA) has started a campaign to raise money to help children and families of those who lost their lives, had been permanently injured or require immediate treatment and rehabilitation due to the tragic events that took place in Ukraine over the last three months. Through comprehensive financial and medical assistance, your donations will provide victims and families of those who paid the ultimate sacrifice for democracy in Ukraine with an opportunity to rebuild their lives and face the future with confidence and hope.
All monies collected will be send to the Ukrainian Federation of America, a 501(c)(3) non-profit charitable organization founded in 1991 and registered in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and in Ukraine. The activities and programs of the Federation are initiated, developed and implemented by devoted volunteers who work closely with local, domestic and international government agencies and non-government organizations for the benefit of our community.
The Federation has shipped and airlifted millions of dollars’ worth of medical supplies, equipment and medicines to physicians, hospitals and medical facilities. In times of crises, UFA’s volunteers have mobilized emergency relief efforts. To learn more about the Federation, please visit their website
What is the issue, problem, or challenge?
Having witnessed unprecedented violence, Ukraine mourns over a hundred civilians and military who died during the mass anti-government protests in January and February 2014, with more than 600 wounded and hundreds of missing, detained or otherwise politically persecuted. Nothing will return grieving mothers their sons and children their dads. But we can make sure they know that they are still loved and that they will continue to be looked after despite their loss, pain and tears.
How will this project solve this problem?
With your help, victims of Ukraine’s Maidan could receive comprehensive care and support in addressing their needs. The Ukrainian Federation of America is helping to relocate the very seriously wounded patients to the European countries like Poland, Germany, Czech Republic and Austria. The patients stable enough to travel by commercial airline, yet requiring specialized surgeries or procedures, are being brought to the United States for treatment. In addition, the Federation will cover any requests for financial support from Ukrainian hospitals and clinics.
Through Federation’s efforts all wounded patients brought to the United States are receiving pro-bono treatments in trauma centers and rehabilitation.
Potential Long Term Impact
By paying tribute to the courage and bravery of the victims, we will provide relief to their families. We believe that the right support at the right time can enable the permanently injured with an opportunity to rebuild their lives, recover from their emotional trauma and have positive futures ahead. With your help, people affected in Ukraine will restore a sense of security, continuity and care unfairly taken from them in their fight for freedom, civil rights and democracy.
Here are some ways that you can help:
Make a financial donation through the Ukrainian Congress Committee of America – Georgia Branch (UCCA):
1. Click on the link below and make a donation
Help EuroMaidan Victims in Ukraine

2. Send a check to UCCA by mail
Ukrainian Congress Committee of America
6495 Shiloh Rd., Suite 400
Alpharetta, GA 30005

3. Make a deposit at Wells Fargo
Account # 155 334 9323


Vitaliy Pynzenyk
Social and Media Affairs
UCCA Georgia Branch
6495 Shiloh Rd., Suite 400
Alpharetta, GA 30005

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